Microptic Cytogenetics developed from a freelance organisation originating in 1985 to the current organisation made up of the head of management, a quality co-ordinator and administrator, archivist and outworkers. The training courses, co-ordination of slide analysis and part of the slide analysis itself is carried out by Dr. Natalie Danford. All outworkers are science graduates with extensive experience in chromosome analysis.

Slide Analysis

Our team of analysts score a range of cell types for chromosome aberrations and other types of cytogenetic endpoints. We are fully set up to operate as part of multi-site studies with GLP compliance as the foundation of our operations.



Chromosome aberration analysis is accepted to require extensive training and practice. Often it can be difficult to arrange a complete training programme in-house for new analysts. Microptic has trained over seventy individuals from more than twenty laboratories, plus those trained in group courses.



A cytogenetic consultancy service is available offering peer reviewing, assessment of data or independent re-analysis as requested.